Accredited Courses

ETC Consult has been training individuals from organisations of all sizes and specialties in the professional administration and interpretation of psychometric tests since 1982. Before anybody in any organisation can access professionally produced psychometric tests, he or she needs to take accredited assessments such as the courses we provide every year.

Our courses teach participants how to administer, interpret and implement tests that are used by organisations of all sizes globally to drastically improve their ability to hire the right people, develop employees and build leaders. Therapists, Psychologists, Career Counsellors and Coaches also use these tests to enhance the level of expertise in their coaching, development and counselling activities. The tests that successful participants of our courses will get access to include those published by renowned organisations such as Pearson, Saville, Morrisby and Hogan Assessment Systems.

Our courses have been accredited by professional bodies such as The British Psychological Society (BPS) and the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association (EFPA).


How will these courses benefit my career and my organisation?

By taking one or more of our courses, participants will acquire best-practice psychometric expertise in objectively assessing the general ability, specific abilities (aptitudes), personality and motivators of candidates for jobs at all levels.

Career Coaches, Executives, Therapists and Psychologists who take our courses will be able to use this expertise in psychometrics to provide best-in-class career guidance and direction to clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Post-certification support is also included in the price to ensure the best possible outcomes for our participants and their business.

Course Presenter

The courses will be presented by Pat Shortt. Pat has been providing training in the use of psychological tests to the standards set by the British Psychological Society for over 30 years. Pat is passionate about psychometric testing and he has helped numerous companies save hundreds of thousands of euros by enhancing their selection processes.

Pat is a Chartered Psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a member of the Psychological Society of Ireland, an Associate Member of the American Psychology Association and a long-standing member of the Chartered Institute of Personal Development, the Institute of Guidance Counsellors and the Irish Institute of Training and Development. He has trained hundreds of Executives, Managers, Executive Coaches, Psychologists and Career Counsellors and Planners in the application of psychometrics to the highest international and professional standards.


Upcoming Training Courses in Psychometric Testing

BPS Certificate of Competence: Ability Assessment Course

This course (formerly known as Level A) will teach participants how to administer and interpret the best occupational ability, aptitude and interest assessments to enhance their career coaching, guidance and talent management activities.

BPS Certificate of Competence: Personality Assessment Course

This course (formerly known as Level B) will teach participants how to apply and interpret one of the best occupational personality assessments to enhance their career coaching, guidance and talent management activities.

Hogan Assessments Certification Workshop

This course will teach participants how to administer, interpret and implement three personality assessments created by the world leaders in corporate personality testing – Hogan Assessment Systems.

These assessments have been used by 66% of the Fortune 100 and they have been proven to predict hiring, leadership and development success across a wide range of roles and industries.