Human Insight

We create human solutions for growth

Globally, individuals, teams and entire organisations can achieve more if they prioritise, communicate and collaborate better.

Human Insight helps them do just that.

Measuring the growth phase

We have developed a tool to give start-ups and scale-ups insight into the current growth phase their company is in. This clarifies what the next phase will be and which challenges will accompany it. In this way, we can efficiently assess whether this is the right time for your company to scale up. We call this tool the Growth Curve.

Planning on going from start-up to scale-up? By picturing future strategic objectives and issues as a company, Human Insight helps scale-up organisations to set these ambitious objectives with a focus on facilitating the human side of growth.

Improving Performance

We offer an insight into team qualities and help shape a clear performance framework so that your team can function optimally.

Growth Mindset Culture

We help create the same growth mindset in your people and reveal which talents the company needs to scale up to the next level.

Flexible Teams

We help teams respond to transitions and change due to growth by providing individual skillset insights, which shed a light on the ‘gaps’ within the team and organisation.

AEM Cube

The AEM-Cube maps how people naturally handle change and growth. Founded on more than 20 years of research, the tool helps individuals, teams and organisations worldwide identify people’s growth potential and link it to strategy.

Growth Curve

The Growth Curve is a tool that provides an easy insight into which phase of growth an organisation (or department / service / product) is in and which next phase will emerge. With this knowledge, an organisation can respond to this, for example by intervening or investing, so that the transition to the next phase will be (more) successful.

ACT Cube

To achieve healthy, sustainable growth and performance, strategic responsiveness and change readiness are essential. The ACT-Cube uniquely makes these two concepts visible in business units of any size, such as (project) teams or departments.

Human Insight tools connect people and strategy

Human Insight tools help organisations map out whether they have the right people to successfully execute their strategy.