UN Sustainable Development Goals

ETC Consult is committed to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), recognising them as a blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all.

Our alignment with key SDG outlined below, reflects our dedication to not just business success, but also to making a positive societal and environmental impact.

Through our services, we actively contribute to these global goals, underscoring our role in promoting sustainable development and inclusive prosperity.

How ETC Consult contributes to the UN SDGs

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Quality Education

CareerFit Empowers Lifelong Learning

Aligning with SDG 4, CareerFit champions accessible, inclusive, and equitable quality education.

It promotes lifelong learning opportunities by offering comprehensive career guidance to individuals across all ages and backgrounds.

This approach is pivotal in ensuring that everyone, including students and individuals from disadvantaged communities, can explore careers that match their unique interests and abilities, embodying the spirit of inclusive and quality education for all.

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Gender Equality

Promoting Equality in Career Guidance

In line with SDG 5’s aim of achieving gender equality, ETC Consult is committed to eliminating gender, race, and socio-economic biases in career guidance and career progression.

By evaluating individuals based solely on their interests and abilities, we contribute to empowering women and girls, ensuring career opportunities are based on personal merit and aptitude.

This commitment plays a crucial role in eradicating gender bias in career development.

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Decent Work & Economic Growth

Enhancing Job Satisfaction and Economic Growth

Through Talent Select, Successful Succession, our Career Guidance Services and our Career Skills services, ETC Consult supports SDG 8 by fostering sustainable economic growth and providing decent work for all.

By aligning individuals with careers that suit their personalities and abilities, and assisting companies in finding ideal candidates, we enhance job satisfaction and productivity, key factors in promoting economic growth and decent employment.

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Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Fostering Innovation with Digital Solutions

ETC Consult’s digital-first approach and innovative platforms like CareerFit and Talent Select align with SDG 9.

Leveraging digital technology, we offer personalised, sustainable career guidance and talent acquisition solutions.

This innovation contributes to resilient infrastructure development, promoting sustainable industrialisation and fostering a culture of innovation in the career guidance industry.

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Reduced Inequalities

Bridging the Opportunity Gap

ETC Consult’s commitment to reducing inequalities is exemplified in the CareerFit portal for schools and support services.

This initiative aligns with SDG 10 by providing career guidance tools to individuals from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, including those in disadvantaged communities, ensuring equal access to career development opportunities regardless of one’s background.

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Sustainable Cities & Communities

Building Sustainable Communities through Leadership

Through Successful Succession and Delta Events, ETC Consult contributes to creating inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities and communities, in line with SDG 11.

By supporting family businesses and facilitating events that bring together industry leaders, we foster community development and contribute to the sustainable growth of urban environments.

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Responsible Consuption & Production

Advancing Sustainability with Digital Services

ETC Consult’s digital-first strategy supports SDG 12’s focus on responsible consumption and production.

By delivering career guidance and talent acquisition services digitally, we minimise environmental impact and promote sustainable consumption patterns.

This approach not only conserves physical resources but also ensures the efficient and sustainable delivery of our services.