Wechsler Individual Achievement Test Fourth Edition: US Version

For clinical, educational, or research teams who need to measure comprehensive listening, speaking, reading, writing, and math skills—including the new Phonemic Proficiency subtest and automated scoring for the Essay Composition subtest—the WIAT-4 links directly to the WISC-V and KABC-2 NU for children, adolescents, and adults. The WIAT-4 is the most current version of the WIAT.

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test®, Fourth Edition (WIAT®-4) expands upon the flexibility of the widely used achievement test. Suitable for use in a multitude of settings and available to a wide array of professionals, the newest edition of the WIAT has some exciting updates to help you identify what support they need to achieve more.

New Subtests, More Flexible Scoring

WIAT-4 features new subtests and expanded scoring capabilities, including composites for Phonological Processing, Orthographic Processing, Writing Fluency, and an Orthographic Processing Extended Composite

The included Dyslexia Index Scores support efficient, reliable screening.

  • New: Phonemic Proficiency – measures speed and accuracy of phonological manipulation
  • New: Orthographic Fluency – measures speed of irregular word reading
  • New: Decoding Fluency – measures speed of pseudoword reading
  • New: Sentence Writing Fluency – measures speed of sentence composition
  • New: Orthographic Choice* – measures recognition spelling skills


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