Standard SDS Assessment Booklets (pkg/25)

SDS Form E asks simple questions about your client?s likes and dislikes, their competencies, their job interests, and their personal abilities. Using a simplified scoring system, the SDS Form E generates a two-letter Summary Code for each client. Using this code, your client can search The Jobs Finder for jobs with matching or similar codes.

Features and benefits

  • Focuses on training and jobs that require a high school diploma or less and reflects the interests of individuals at lower educational levels.
  • The Jobs Finder focuses on job requirements that closely match the vocational aspirations of individuals with limited reading ability; it includes more than 860 jobs with prompts and cues to encourage full vocational exploration.
  • The You and Your Job Booklet gives your clients additional insight into potential job paths.
  • An optional audiotape provides a convenient, self-administered format for use with individuals who have limited reading skills or who might otherwise benefit from an audio presentation of the SDS Form E. The tape provides directions to the client and presents all 198 items. A 7-second delay between each item allows the individual to mark each response in the Form E Assessment Booklet.

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This product is accessible only to clients in the Republic of Ireland who align with the designated qualification code standards.

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