SSI-4 Complete Kit Stuttering Severity Instrument

Ages: 2-10 and up, Testing Time:? 15 to 20 minutes, Administration: Individual

Stuttering Severity Instrument?Fourth Edition (SSI-4) is a reliable and valid norm-referenced stuttering assessment that can be used for both clinical and search purposes. It measures stuttering severity in both children and adults in the four areas of speech behaviour:

  1. frequency
  2. duration
  3. physical concomitants
  4. naturalness of individual’s speech

Frequency is expressed in percent syllables stuttered and converted to scale scores of 2-18. Duration is timed to the nearest one tenth of a second and converted to scale scores of 2-18. The four types of Physical Concomitants are and converted to scale scores of 0-20. The SSI-4 can also be used in conjunction with the Stuttering Prediction Instruments for Young Children

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