RBANS UK Update Form A Kit: Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological

Used by clinicians to help?screen for deficits in acute-care settings, track recovery during rehabilitation, track progression of neurological disorders and screen for neurocognitive status in adolescents, offering valuable enhancements, the RBANS Update provides a brief, individually administered battery to measure cognitive decline or improvement across these domains:

  • Immediate Memory ? List Learning and Story Memory
  • Visuospatial/Constructional ? Figure Copy and Line Orientation
  • Language ? Picture naming and Semantic Fluency
  • Attention ? Digit Span and Coding
  • Delayed Memory ? List Recall, List Recognition, Story Memory, and Figure Recall

This instrument is used by clinicians to help:

  • Screen for deficits in acute-care settings
  • Track recovery during rehabilitation
  • Track progression of neurological disorders
  • ?Screen for neurocognitive status in adolescents


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This product is accessible only to clients in the Republic of Ireland who align with the designated qualification code standards.

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