PSI-4-SF Parenting Strees Index Short Form Kit

The PSI-4-SF is an abbreviated version of the full-length PSI-4.

Thirty-six items are divided into three domains: Parental Distress (PD), Parent-Child Dysfunctional Interaction (P-CDI), and Difficult Child (DC), which combine to form a Total Stress scale.
One simple form contains everything you need for administering the measure and for scoring and profiling results.
The PSI-4-SF’s brevity allows primary health care providers to identify those families most in need of follow-up services. It is also ideal for use in schools, mental health clinics, and research.
Empirical validity has been established in studies that focused on parenting of Head Start children, medication adherence, and cognitive development of infants.

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The PSI-4 is a 120-item inventory that focuses on three major domains of stress: child characteristics, parent characteristics, and situational/demographic life stress. Commonly used as a diagnostic or screening measure to evaluate the parenting system, the PSI-4 helps identify at-risk or problem areas in the child’s or parent’s behaviour. Major enhancements in this revision include: improved cultural sensitivity of item language, increased internal consistency of scales, the addition of age-based norms at the domain and subscale level, enhanced factor loading of items on scales, the addition of T scores to enhance interpretation, and a new normative sample that includes fathers.Learn more about

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