Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised, Second Edition (PCL-R) Forms

A world-wide leader for assessing psychopathology, the Hare PCL-R (PCL-R™) assessment has become one of the leading instruments internationally for the assessment of psychopathy.

The PCL-R assessment can be used in institutional, detention, and community correctional facilities; in forensic psychiatric hospitals; and for pre-trial evaluations.


  • Make a diagnosis of psychopathy based on the individual’s functioning over time.
  • Support offender management decisions.
  • Provide solid empirical support for expert testimony.


PCL-R provides highly reliable concurrent, predictive, and construct validity.

  • Rating Booklet facilitates rating of the 20-item scale and the Quikscore Form provides a convenient method for recording ratings, obtaining scores, and profiling results.
  • Manual provides item descriptions, scoring procedures, extensive reliability and validity information, and normative data.
  • New large-sample descriptive and validation data for using the test with male and female offenders, substance abusers, sex offenders, African-Americans, and forensic psychiatric clients.
  • Percentile and T-score tables for male and female offenders, for male forensic psychiatric patients who have been assessed with the standard PCL-R procedure.


  • Factor 1: The callous, selfish, remorseless use of others
  • Facet 1a: Interpersonal
  • Facet 1b: Affective
  • Factor 2: A chronically unstable and antisocial lifestyle
  • Facet 2a: Impulsive Lifestyle
  • Facet 2b: Antisocial Behavior


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