Griffiths III KIt

What is Griffiths III?

Griffiths III provides an overall measure of a child?s development, as well as an individual profile of strengths and needs across five areas:

  • Foundations of learning ? assesses critical aspects of learning during the early childhood years.
  • Language and communication ? measures overall language development, including expressive language, receptive language, and (to a lesser extent) use of language to communicate socially with others.
  • Eye and hand coordination ? considers fine motor skills, manual dexterity and visual perception skills.
  • Personal-social-emotional ? measures constructs relating to the child?s developing sense of self and growing independence, interactions with others, plus many aspects of emotional development.
  • Gross motor ? assesses postural control, balance and gross body coordination, among other abilities.

How do I use Griffiths III?

Griffiths III can be used by psychologists and paediatricians used for a variety of purposes in a range of applied settings. Assessing a child?s developmental profile and level helps to identify if a child is developing appropriately for their age or whether difficulties in specific areas could be linked to a specific developmental or learning disorder. Griffiths III can assist in tracking and monitoring development over time, and planning for and measuring the impact of interventions. It can also provide valuable information to inform decisions about future placement and management of the child.

What?s new to Griffiths III?

Griffiths III has taken the best from the previous editions and built upon it to become a substantially new and improved kit. More than 80% of Griffiths III has been redesigned to make a modern assessment in line with the latest developmental, paediatric, psychological and neurological research. Clinician feedback has also been taken into account, and the administration sequence has been streamlined so as to be straightforward and practical for users. The time required to complete the Griffiths III is approximately 60 minutes. All equipment can be easily cleaned, is child-friendly and has been designed to keep small children engaged and at ease.

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This product is accessible only to clients in the Republic of Ireland who align with the designated qualification code standards.

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