EDI-3: Eating Disorder Inventory Introductory Kit

Provides a standardized clinical evaluation of symptomatology associated with eating disorders
Age range: 13 years to 53 years Administration Time:? 20 minutes

The latest revision to the Eating disorder inventory; Eating disorder inventory-three (EDI-3) was released in 2004. It contains the original items of the first EDI as well as EDI-2, it has been enhanced to reflect more modern theories related to the diagnosis of eating disorders. It was designed for use with females ages 13?53 years. It contains 91 items divided into twelve subscales rated on a 0-4 point scoring system. 3 items are specific to eating disorders and 9 are general psychological scales that while not specific are relevant to eating disorders. It yields six composites: Eating Disorder Risk, Ineffectiveness, Interpersonal Problems, Affective Problems, Over control, General Psychological Maladjustment. It is also a self-report questionnaire administered in twenty minutes.

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This product is accessible only to clients in the Republic of Ireland who align with the designated qualification code standards.

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