Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals Preschool-3 UK Kit

Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals® Preschool-3 UK (CELF Preschool-3 UK) assesses aspects of language necessary for preschool children to meet the language demands of the classroom.  This new edition includes everything you loved about the CELF-Preschool-2, plus more enhancements that benefit you and the children you test!

Age range: 3:0 to 6:11

What’s changed? CELF Preschool-3 UK features all of the benefits of CELF-Preschool-2 plus:

  • Updated norms, test items and art
  • New connected Speech subtest and Pragmatics Activities Checklist
  • Two new index scores help you determine if a child has the language skills needed to transition to the classroom
    • Academic Language Readiness index
    • Emerging Literacy index
  • New growth scales value

Test Content

Subtests with scaled scores:

  • Sentence Comprehension
  • Word Structure
  • Expressive Vocabulary
  • Following Directions
  • Recalling Sentences
  • Basic Concepts
  • Word Classes
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Descriptive Pragmatics Profile
  • Preliteracy Rating Scale

Subtests with criterion score and/or descriptive information:

  • Connected Speech Sample
  • Pragmatic Activities Checklist


Subtest and Index scaled scores, percentile ranks, age equivalents, and growth scale values

  • Core Language Score
  • Receptive Language Index
  • Expressive Language Index
  • Language Content Index
  • Language Structure Index
  • Academic Language Readiness Index
  • Early Literacy Index


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