Brown Executive Function/Attention Scales Kit

Brown Executive Function/Attention Scales helps screen and assess a wider range of impairments of executive functioning. Brown EF/A Scales measures DSM-5 symptoms of ADHD along with less apparent impairments of executive functioning.

As an update to the widely used Brown ADD Scales, the Brown EF/A Scales goes beyond other measures to screen and assess a wider range of impairments of executive functioning and attention.


  • Addresses situational variability: scales analyze an individual’s behavior using multiple perspectives (i.e., examinee’s self-perspective, teacher’s perspective, and parents’ perspective).
  • Items are more specific and contextual: scales include items that are more specific and ask about difficulties in a specific context (e.g., difficulty remembering what has been read).
  • Directly and more accurately reports symptoms: items focus on severity of specific behaviors as opposed to frequency.

Executive Functions Impaired in ADD/ADHD


Brown EF/A Scales is based on Dr. Brown’s model of executive functions and includes:

  • New and updated norms and test items that improve clarity and clinical relevance.
  • New parent form available for adolescents.
  • Both gender-specific and combined-gender norms available for all age groups.
  • DSM-5 symptoms of ADHD and more.

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