Bridge of Vocabulary

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The Bridge of Vocabulary applies five practices shown to be essential in teaching vocabulary skills to general and special education students: (1) engage students often with a wide selection of books; (2) enjoy word games and word play; (3) teach word learning strategies; (4) be explicit; and (5) be redundant.


  • Helps specialists, teachers, and parents systematically plan explicit word encounters.
  • Encourages fast mapping and provides slow mappers with extended exposure to vocabulary.
  • Demonstrates phono tactic probability and neighbourhood density, two important factors in vocabulary growth.
  • Incorporates student-friendly definitions that use spoken vocabulary words instead of reading vocabulary words.
  • Equally useful for typical students as for ELL students, students with language and learning disabilities, students with complex communication disabilities, and low/high achiever students.


The Bridge of Vocabulary  helps educators create linguistic environments that allow students to succeed as listeners, speakers, readers, and writers.

  • Includes about 100 activities that target a full range of vocabulary skills and concepts (e.g., listening, speaking, reading, writing, language processing, word play, etc.)
  • Proven techniques reviewed and tested by classroom teachers and SLPs.
  • A curriculum standard, with explicit teaching instructions.
  • Guided and independent practice activities.

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This product is accessible only to clients in the Republic of Ireland who align with the designated qualification code standards