Beck Youth Inventory: BYI-2 Manual

The Beck Youth Inventories (BYI) (2001) is a self-report multi-assessment instrument. The BYI contains 5 inventories that can be used individually or in combination.

The 5 Beck Youth Inventories are:

  1. The Beck Depression Inventory for Youth (BDI-Y)
  2. The Beck Anxiety Inventory for Youth (BAI-Y)
  3. The Beck Anger Inventory for Youth (BANI-Y)
  4. The Beck Disruptive Inventory for Youth (BDBI-Y)
  5. The Beck Self-Concept Inventory for Youth (BSCI-Y).

The inventories assess children and adolescents ages 7 through 18 years old. For the purpose of assessing depression the?
BDI-Y should be administered, but administering all inventories is encouraged because of the high comorbidity of youth disorders (Mental Measurements Yearbook, 2010). Results from the inventories can be used for treatment planning and assessing post-treatment outcomes. The combination of the inventories takes 30 minutes to administer and complete. The BDI-Y meets the criteria for assessing depression as outlined in the DSM-IV. Overall, the BYI is brief and easy to administer, does not require much training, and has sound psychometrics, which makes it a great instrument for professional school counsellors.

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