ART (Access Reading Test) Manual 3rd edition

Updated 2018 manual

The popular Access Reading Test is designed for wide-range assessment and pinpoints strengths and weaknesses in four key reading skill areas: Literal Comprehension, Vocabulary, Comprehension requiring inference or prediction and Comprehension requiring analysis.

– The manual describes how to use the test and how to establish if a student may be eligible for extra time in national tests or examinations

– Now with four carefully matched parallel forms (A-D), the test takes just 30 minutes to administer, and is easy to score

– Enables assessment of pupils from Key Stage 2 up to A level and beyond with general-purpose group test for use across the full ability range

– Provides reliable assessment for each group with reading ages, percentiles and performance data in each skill area

– Ideal as an initial ‘screen’ on entry to secondary school and for monitoring subsequent progress

– Allows students to meet a variety of graded texts (fiction and non-fiction), styles and contexts with gradually increasing difficulty within each


What’s been updated in the new edition manual?

– Up to date case studies to help analyse the data using MARK
– Guidance on how to get the best out of parallel forms
– SENCO guide to using ART to support access arrangements
– Removal of references to levels and outdated language

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