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Why Choose Hogan Assessments?

At Hogan Assessments, our renowned certification programme is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to unlock the true potential of individuals and teams, fostering personal and professional growth.

What Sets Hogan Certification Apart?

Trusted Globally

Our assessments are used by organisations of all sizes and specialities worldwide (over 66% of the Fortune 100 are Hogan Certified) to enhance their selection, training, leadership identification, development, change management and staff retention processes.

Real-World Application

Our training emphasises practical application, ensuring you can confidently implement assessments in diverse settings.

Expert Instructors

Learn from seasoned professionals who have extensive experience in using Hogan assessments effectively.

Insightful Reports for Optimal Talent Decisions

The reports generated by Hogan Assessments provide the best objective and predictive data for organisations that genuinely want to select, develop and retain the best people at all levels.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our certification programme covers the theory, application, and interpretation of personality assessments. Gain in-depth knowledge and practical expertise.

Continued Support

Hogan Assessments provides ongoing support and resources to our certified experts.

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